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Julia - Vintage with Laces

Is it just one piece or does the treasure consists of several pieces?

vent de terre

je ne sais pas si on peut poser plusieurs questions en même temps ? si oui, est ce que le trésor est
-en bois ?
-en papier ?
-en tissus ?
- en métal ?
-en cuir ?
sympathique, ce petit jeu !


What fun! It is a "paper" treasure?

Kathy Barrick

Is it bigger than a birdcage?

Liz Mathews

Is it utilitarian?

Denise Dudziak

Does it include porcelain?


Is it metal?


Sorry, it would have helped if I had read the French question and answer! New question...Is it made of fabric? Or thread?

cathy @ ma vie trouvee

Can you wear it?

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