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He knew he shouldn't have been drinking and gambling that night but he was compelled to do it. Later, when he slipped into his spinster sister in law Henriette's bed by mistake all would have been saved had she spoken up and pushed him away but she remained silent and betrayed Julia.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

The photo of beautiful Julia and her equally beautiful sister Marie went where ever he went. How could he possibly be in love with two women at the same time? The women knew of the passionate love that he shared for each of them, but as you can imagine, they would no longer be willing to share the love of a man within this complicated love triangle. He was forced to choose. He debated with himself who would make a better lover, Julia or Marie. He knew that he could not have them both and if he didn't make a choice soon, he would lose them both. After a late night of drinking at the local watering hole, he emptied his pockets of this photo and only a few coins as he had spent most of his money on booze. The dice was something he always carried for luck. Torn between the love of these two women, he did what he had to do. A even number, Marie. An odd number, Julia. He rolled the dice and the rest was history.


Both of these beautiful women had been plying him with their charms for what seemed like years......and he had enjoyed every moment of it.
However, in a moment of weakness he had betrayed both of them and the guilt had sent him completely over the edge of sanity.
How could he possibly tell them the truth now......he opened the bottle of cognac and rolled the dice again........hoping...hoping.
Then he heard his phone ringing in the study. Hesitantly he picked up the receiver....."Bonjour? Julia, why are you calling? I thought that we had said all we had to say to each other."

Laura @ 52 FLEA

He was desperate. He needed money badly...as he had promised his dying brother that he would look after and care for his young nieces Julia and Henriette. He had done his best with much struggle throughout the years and he loved his nieces as if they were his own daughters. But now...they had both reached the age when they were to either marry or be educated. How could he have been so foolish to give this promise to his brother? But how could he not? It was an impossible situation. He rolled the dice one more time...he needed a five.


and so he was hesitant to put the photograph in his pocket, but did so anyway and off he went. The newspaper had told of her arrival , and he knew he must be there. Julia was his only love, but Henriette would not allow such involvement. For he was not of the same class or distinction as they were, so he always had to keep his distance. Here in the city he thought he would make his fortune, but it was not to be. All he had left was a few coins, and nothing else to offer. His love affair was always at a distance, never to be anymore then that. The ship had docked the passengers were departing, he caught a glimpse of her, as she turned toward him, he blew her a kiss then walked away.........


The passion with which his sisters relished life seemed beyond his grasp. The bravery and courage. Why had they not been born the men? His father expected so much of him. Too much. And the cost of failure was his own self respect. Bernard swallowed the sour taste of regret. Julia and Henriette would board the ship for Turkey in the morning, and the adventure he could have shared in-the passion for life-would continue to be beyond his grasp. Morning was only two hours away. He stood suddenly as he pounded his fist on the side table. "No more!" Pacing restlessly before the mantle he quickly thought through the details. He would pack only the necessities. He would pack them now. He raced around the small flat like a man possesed collecting things. His grandfather's compass, the journal that began this whole escapade-he'd need that for directions and guidance-his brass spy glass and few other choice items. Bernard grabbed haphazardly at clothing and shoved them into his valise. The rest he could purchase in Antalya. He picked up the picture of his beloved sisters, then tossed it casually to the floor. He wouldn't be needing anything to remember them by. He'd be right there with them, and his father as well.

Linda @Nina's Nest

He had just discovered that he had twin sisters - Julia and Henriette - who had been hidden from him since birth. They were now famous. But he could destroy their following by claiming them as his sisters. Was he willing to reduce their fame and fortune to a few sous? He rolled the dice....and decided to forever remain anonymous....the unknown brother....in order to protect their success. How tragic!

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