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Kathy Cameron

And what a lovely day it was! Second to Christmas is how I describe it, in anticipation, inspiration and revelation! As I started my glorious walk up the Moss Street in great hopes of seeing my dear friend, I noticed a golden glow coming from the left, I saw an angelic face smiling from behind a sea of curious and intrigued people. Her eyes were bright with gentle enthusiasm, her voice calm and marked with confidant experience. I noticed the ebony and ivory dotted scarf wrappped loosely around her porceline shoulders much like the fragile dolls that she has become known for. It was you!!!!! My favorite of all of Moss Street!!!! The day did not disappoint and I knew it wouldn't! Only 362 more days left until next year!


It was my first Paint-In - in March I moved here from Florida. LOVED your table, wanted to buy everything but only took away a delicate bag of tin trays and a tin clock face for my (still in planning stage) shadowbox for Poe. Am enjoying your website - do you also have a Flickr?

Brocante Girl

Welcome - it was great to meet you at the Paint-In!
The saint's hands have already found their new home, but let me know your plans for the Poe Box and I'll send a little something your way ...

David Arment

I love the picture of the hands in the wooden box.

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