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George in Brooklyn

Is it a mannequin/head with glass eyes for medical teaching/display?

Julia - Vintage with Laces

A bee's wax figurine with glass eyes?

Julia - Vintage with Laces

A vintage bakelite fishing lure with glass eyes?

Julia - Vintage with Laces

A duck decoy made from cork, plastic or canvas with glass eyes?


Is it still available today in a new form? Or is strictly vintage?
Is it a wax effigy of a famous Saint? Is it a reliquary?

Denise Dudziak

Is it a vintage doll head or doll with glass eyes?

Denise Dudziak

Please ignore previous guess (I obviously missed the "not doll" comment you made)... but could it be a carved wood figurine of an animal or person with glass eyes?

Teresa Schreck

Cane or walking stick with animal head and glass eyes/

Teresa Schreck

puppet or marionette with glass eyes?

Teresa Schreck

Human wax head with glass eyes?

Teresa Schreck

Guess I am still thinking inside the box a jack-in-the- box with glass eyes?...:)

Teresa Schreck

Old horse hair stuffed pull toy with glass eyes?

Teresa Schreck

Abstract oil painting using glass eyes? Sounds to funny...:)

Teresa Schreck

Still my favorite beautiful Santos with glass eyes?

Teresa Schreck

Stained glass window ?

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