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drawer 2 - scary combination of old teeth, false eye & 18th century false hand wrapped around peruvian babies shawl

Suzanne Fox

Because the Traveller is a being of such depth and complexity (literal and figurative), I would prefer to be surprised by HIS choice. The only thing that could possibly disappoint me: something that makes literal sense. Beyond that, I embrace his choice. A single well-worn vintage woman's shoe? A book published in Aramaic, but with an English inscription (or vice versa)? An wooden shoe last with an elementary school report card pinned to it? I could go on, but surely the Traveller himself has even better ideas.


Sounds like fun! I'll choose Drawer #3 and hope it contains a collection of those beautiful fleurons you've mentioned OR a few old handwritten ledger pages OR carved mother of pearl buttons OR bits and bobs of 3D ephemera. OR a surprise ~ based on the images you show on your blog, I would not be disappointed with anything you would choose. I have my own set (not quite as magnificent as yours!) of old type drawers and a wall cubby where I keep such treasures - or depending what it is, I might use the item in a piece of artwork. Thanks for contest!


Drawer #1 might contain a pun.
Another ephemera game for fun.

Drawer 2 pulls out part way.
What I see makes me sway.

Drawer #3 is what draws me in.
My eyes close as I touch the rim.

What lies there and waits for a home?
A guess and my mind starts to roam.

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